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Q1: Why are you blocking my mail?
Q2: How do I block mail from IPs in the RBL?
Q3: I used your RBL but still received a virus
Q4: How long are IPs listed for?
Q5: I have reported an IP numerous time but it is still not listed in your database, why?


A1: If mail you was trying to send has been blocked, we would recommend you run a virus scan on your computer and if you are sure you are not infected please use the Check DB (available soon) function on the menu and follow the instructions for removal. We DO NOT block mail we just provide a list of IP addresses of hosts that have been known to relay virus emails.

A2: We advice you do not block mail via our Block Lists but if you wish to you need to setup your mailserver to check our RBL. You can find detailed instructions regarding individual mailserver configuration on the spamcop website. You will need to use one (or more) of our lists (i.e. phishing.rbl.msrbl.net) as required in place of or in adition to the ones listed in the spamcop documentation.

A3: You should always use an antivirus product, our main aim is to reduce the resources required to process email and check for virus content.

A4: >We currently list for 3 days from the last virus/phishing/etc notification received.

A5: The IP might be an ISPs relay server. To test for this please use the Check DB page. Any ISP can request their individual mailserver IPs not be listed, this cuts down on the potential damage using this database could cause.

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